Welcome to Diocese of Nnewi- Anglican Communion

Alive unto God

Welcome to Diocese of Nnewi- Anglican Communion

The Diocese of Nnewi was carved out of the old Niger Diocese and Inaugurated on the 14th of February, 1996.

Like the rest of the Church of Nigeria, The Diocese of Nnewi is spiritually dynamic, united, disciplined and self supporting. It is committed to pragmatic evangelism, social welfare and epitomizes the genuine love of Christ.

Rt Revd Ndubuisi Chukwuka Obi

The Diocesan/Bishop


The Great Favour With Revd. Everest Ohanuka


Support Evangelism in your local Church

In Diocese of Nnewi, we are passionate about Evangelism- winning more souls for Christ, bringing succor to the spiritually needy and alleviating the plight of the less privileged. We, therefore, need your support for our churches to grow in number, impact and depth for the benefit of our society.


Diocese of Nnewi in numbers


Key Officials


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